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Growth Hacker / Marketer

Job description

About us:

Digital is eating the world; starting with your own idea has never been easier, but growing your startup into a sustainable business with revenue is harder than ever before. Corporates slowly die while startups are knocking on their doors and need to innovate rapidly in order to survive. At We Are Off The Record we help companies to gain traction and sustainable growth. We strongly believe in creativity blended with technology that’s backed by data.


Our clients vary from (international) startups, scale-ups and corporates like ING, Philips and Unilever. It's our mission to help our clients with the sustainable growth of their business, businesses that are profitable and stand out from the noise in the digital jungle. We work together with our clients and aren't simply for hire. We choose our clients wisely, but if we do, we will give our best for as long as possible. 


We Are Off The Record is a digital growth agency based in a church in the centre of Amsterdam.


Job summary:

You will work in an informal but professional enviroment together with the rest of the team. Half of your time will be dedicated to our clients where you will be responsible for (all) their growth activities. These activities will be a sweet cocktail of both strategy (conceptual) and execution (hands-on). Most of us work on several client projects during the week and directly with the founders / ceo's to achieve the biggest and quickest impact. The other half of your time is to grow the agency itself, to develop your own skills while working on (company) side-projects and to extend your knowledge regarding growth (read & write). 


Required experience & skills:

  • 1-2+ years experience at a digital agency or startups.
  • Comfortable with tools like Google Analytics / Mixpanel / Amplitude / Hotjar / Intercom.
  • Skilled in multiple Acquisition channels (must: Facebook / Adwords).
  • You work (or worked) with the AARRR funnel and know how to approach and identify leaks.
  • Able to map out customer journeys and customer personas. 
  • A proven track record regarding growth results / impact (no vanity metrics). 
  • Excellent written and oral communication in Dutch and English.

The kind of person we're looking for:

  • You are an extrovert but know when to listen to others.
  • When you speak, you're not afraid to present your work to others (founders/ceo's/investors/stakeholders).
  • Understand that growth isn't sustainable without a strong customer persona and strategy.
  • Crunching numbers and execution on experiment data analysis is what you do for breakfast.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Able to deal with multiple clients / projects during the week and still smile.
  • You can keep things internal if needed, a lot of our work for clients is off the record.. 

Things you can expect from us:

  • Competitive salary. 
  • Flexible regarding time off and holiday days.
  • A personal learning plan, guided by the company's Objective Key Results (OKR's). 
  • Awesome colleagues and top-notch clients. 
  • Relevant work experience and access to our entire network. 
  • 24/7 access to the office with your own key. 


We do not work with recruiters or staffing agencies and therefore don't require your services. For those who can't resist, we'll retarget you for months with cat pictures on multiple online channels.